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Apr 27, 2014 7:30pm EDT
minute to see if russia has invaded ukraine yet. we are in a big battle. we do a disservice if we as development economist think we are not involved in that battle and have a contribution. >> we have several more questions in santa monica and i will turn to those joining us remotely but until then please mute your microphone so we don't get interference. >> so, one of the main principles is this idea that all men are created equal and all citizens of the united states are created equal. and it has been achieved at a great cost in the u.s. but if you move that and you take it seriously to the next step on a global stand, and you look at the cost, that simple principle to the united states and for us a homogenious population and we love to say all people are equal but crossing the border in any direction it goes by 0.0001. i am saying it is costly. and that might be why you don't have the debate. >> sure. i guess the big counter example to what you are saying is people do seem to care a lot about the material poverty of those outside the united states. not -- when i say a lot that mean
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1